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    Are you a rookie who doesn't understand the rules? Ha ha, I don't want to give it, you can't get that much energy. Up to 20,000, 20,000 energy plus the conditions we mentioned before, also with the guidance of seniors, you This new system can also save a lot of detours, and you don't have to try to catch I talk, I will definitely know everything you want to know. The black dragon slowly rose, looking down at Xiang Yu and Hao Jiu, with extraordinary aura, and it really didn't look very good. Hao Jiu secretly sighed, he was still young, the reason he was not in a hurry to kill the black dragon was because he wanted to get more information about the system, he had anticipated that he would get more information after completing the beginner mission, but that's just a guess. Okay, give me the energy first." Hao Cuu stretched out his hand.

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